I can't believe it's been 20 years since the release of Swimsuit Issue by Binge!

I had a great gig at a private house party in Pt. Pleasant, NJ last night!  Many thanks to Vinnie R. and his family & friends!  Great time, great food, great people!

I had the luxury of having Steve Addabbo as my mix engineer recently for my holiday tune "Merry Christmas To You All" at Shelter Island Sound NYC.

Here's a new single I had the pleasure of collaborating on with High Plains Drifters.  Keep an eye out for the full-length this fall!


This week we saw a Top Ten debut on the chart at WAIH Potsdam, NY, where we came in at #6. 

I finally got around to building my dream studio.  Aside from its complete destruction after a series of floods (two weeks after I put in the last rack screw), it is now back in full swing.  I do most of my writing here.  I did the whole Unforeseen Circumstances album here with the exception of drums (Shorefire, Kaleidoscope, mom & dad's house).  My next project is a remix of Joe Titone's Olivia Neutron Bomb project which I'm super excited about.  If you know anyone that needs a song or demo put together, I can help you out. 

144 years ago today "Macom's Hotel" openned in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  My great great grandfather, Samuel Macom, ran a fine establishment.  The landmark building had been there from 1840 (previously Neilson House and later Klein's Hotel) until it was demolished in 1985 to make way for high rise luxury apartments.  This historic NJ site was purposely left to fall into dilapidation so the city could make some money on it (see Corruption).  Anyway, here is a rendering of it from my great uncle J. Morgan Macom.  He was a popular artist/illustrator in his day that died at the age of 29 due to yellow fever complications from climbing Pike's Peak.

In the afterlife, do you need to open a new checking account or can you just use the old one?  Discuss.

Antonella Barba (American Idol Season 6 Finalist) stopped by to witness the buildout of my Shabby Road Studios in NYC.  "We could have recorded a bunch of new tunes here, you know, if there was actual equipment to record on" she said.  Two weeks later the studio was finished, only to be completely flooded after some of the biggest snow storms (followed by rain) New York has seen in the last 100 years.  All the flooring completely destroyed.  Antonella moved to California where it hasn't rained in about 6 years. 

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